BBraun of Canada Ltd

Sharing Expertise


We approached BBraun Canada in late 2017. The challenge facing BBraun was one all too familiar for large corporations operating sales offices in Canada; that is marketing collateral budgets in Canada did not reflect the smaller market in comparison to Europe and the United States. Advanced artwork that was very expensive to produce in small quantities did not work with the limited budgets. BBraun needed an expert with their brand to re-design pieces for a more cost-effective production while maintaining the overall brand image and quality. Many organizations in the medical device industry in Canada face similar pains.

Solutions provided

  • Simplified complex marketing collateral designs to better suit the local Canadian market
  • Provided a Project Management Solution using Teamwork Projects
  • Discussed and planned development of a cloud-based marketing collateral library specific for Canadian sales team not to be bogged down through large Salesforce CRM.

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