Does your website address your customer's biggest pain?

Does your website address your customer's biggest pain?

Digital marketing is nothing but fascinating! There is so much to learn and share. One thing I noticed is that many people invest time and money into building great websites, then treat it as a business listing, and not using this wonderful tool to its full potential. I've put together a FREE report outlining my top 10 secrets I use to get my clients more customers using the web which you can sign up for, and download immediately from my homepage.

It comes down bringing in more traffic to your site and creating more inquiries.  In the web industry, this is referred to as a lead and conversion model.

A glimpse at the number #1 tip to help with traffic: Content Marketing.  

OK, that is industry jargon, what does it mean? Answer =  It's not all about you! The biggest mistake made by businesses today with regards to their websites is that the focus is all about them. It is good to be able to grab your target audiences’ attention, which many succeed in doing, however, keeping them interested and desiring what you have to offer; lies the challenge.  Speak to the pains that your customers face and how you can offer them solutions to their problems.  

You really need to know your target to be able to do that. We can help you drill down and build a customer profile.  This is one step through our discovery process that we complete with all our customers; the customer avatar. Contact us today for a free strategy session.

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